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Join the BEST cyclists in Tallahassee!

 Date Time Description
 June 24, 2013  6:00 pm  BEST rides to the Energy Ball - The BEST cyclists will ride over to the Women's Club in Los Robes for the ReThink Energy Ball!  This is ReThink Energy's annual fundraiser.  Find out more about ReThink Energy here.  

Again this Year, we will be the CLEAN UP CREW in exchange for entry into the ball!  The first 10 BEST members to commit will be on the crew!.  Clean up does't start until 10:30 pm so keep that in mind when committing.

We will ride over from Lake Ella (meet at the parking lot in front of the cottages) at 6:00.   Might stop for an adult beverages on the way over....maybe MTFS!

 November 23,  2013 11:00 am The BEST CRANKsGiving EVER Food Drive 

On November 23rd, the Saturday before Thanksgiving join us for the Tallahassee version of CRANKsGiving! It's a food drive alley cat!

Start and Finish location to be announced soon! Your entrance fee will be yours to spend! Spend as much or little as you want - The winner will go to the most places and return with the most items of non-perishable food. Stay tuned for full rule/point system!

You will need something or some how to carry your food - backpack, trailer, and/basket. Spend as little or as much as you want!!! All items must be Thanksgiving dinner related i.e. no Raman noodles! You can team up to carry your food BUT it's an individual race.

Prizes in the following categories:

Most Food! This prize goes to the one who collects the most food items. Rules for what counts as AN item will be explained at the start.

Most Locations! This prize goes to the one who travels to the most locations to get food. Receipts or pictures will be proof.

Most Food with the least money Spent! This prize goes to the person who is the thriftiest and gets the most food for the least amount of money. Hint Hint.
 November 28, 2013 TBA On Thanksgiving morning, we will distribute the food we collected during the CRANKsGiving Food drive to our clients on our Meals on TWO Wheels route. 

We will most likely leave around 10:30 am...well after the Turkey Trot and early enough to get everyone home to their families. 

The families that we deliver to will be eternally greatful for this food!  This is a great way to spend part of your Thanksgiving!
  December 14, 2013 TBA  Save the Date for the BEST Business Alley Crawl 2014!  Starts and ends at Railroad Square!


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